The Concerts

As the main activity, the Ensemble A. Vivaldi conducts concert in the form of musical evenings, generally with running programs that interpret the various eras of mandolin music tradition, and which contain selected songs from classical, operatic and popular modern. The concert activity is constantly supported by the work of research, adaptation and interpretation of classic and modern songs written for plectrum or violin orchestras. Throughout his life, twenty years, the Ensemble Vivaldi has organized numerous concerts, always with great success among audiencies, which, very often, for the first time had the opportunity to hear a plectrum orchestra and who always remained surprised and showed to appreciate so much the voice and music of such a complex.

Recent Concerts

Christmas 2014 Genova Sestri Parrocchia SS Annunziata della Costa
8 September 2016 Genova Sestri Parrocchia SS Annunziata della Costa
24 December 2016 Vado Ligure Christmas Concert
26 December 2016 Finalborgo (SV) Auditorium S. Caterina
25 March 2017 Residenza Protetta S. Caterina di Varazze (GE)
1 April 2017 Sacco Theater (Savona)
8 September 2017 Genova Sestri Parrocchia SS Annunziata della Costa
24 September 2017 Genova King Palace
23 December 2017 Savona S. Raffaeke al Porto
19 May 2018 Genova La passeggiata Libro-Caffè
13 July 2018 Genova International Course SoSMSE (Physics Dep.)
18 July 2018 Varazze Monastery S. Domenico
3 November 2018 "Il Mandolino in Trincea" Varazze, Oratorio N.S. Assunta